a mini biography

An art of chaos, a chaos of art

Born and raised in New York City, Emily Zuckerman grew up with diverse passions in art, music, and acrobatics and a pervasive desire to understand the invisible. In 2005, moving to California to study cognitive science and visual arts at UC Berkeley, EZ developed a profound interest in the research and philosophy of perception. In 2010, EZ’s practice shifted from the analytical processes of academia to the physical methodologies of circus and dance. Within the artistic process, this moment marked a transition from object-making to exploration of the human body itself as an expressive tool, and in turn, the knowledge of composition of ephemeral bodies on stage influenced the process of making art objects.  In 2015, EZ graduated from the french national circus school, Académie Fratellini, and now creates and performs in circus and dance in France, currently on tour with Sens Dessus Dessous, and in creation with the Théâtre Opéra Comique de Paris.